Monthly Archives: February 2015

vSphere 6.0

Well – vSphere 6.0 is upon us.  Almost.  I watched the EMEA live launch last Tuesday, and it’s pretty good from what I saw.  There are some really good new features and the maximums have been lifted yet again.  No documentation out yet though.

The massive improvement in the vCenter appliance capacity – 1000 hosts, 10,000 vms.  I’ll be using that now rather than the Windows-based install.  No Windows license or CALs to worry about.  Gotta be good!

SMP for Fault Tolerance makes it actually usable.  A single CPU is a bit pointless but 4 is much more realistic.

High-latency or long-distance vMotion.  At Last!  Being able to vMotion between vDCs and vCenters; across large geographical distances.

I really like the Fault Domains – Rack Awareness as they called it.  I could have used that and more of these new features in a project I was involved with a couple of years ago.

So much really good stuff to play with there.  I believe it’s available from March so will be getting hold of a copy for my lab.